Wedding Music

Your music is an integral part of your wedding ceremony and both should complement the other and in my option, be ‘seamless’.

The music played during the different parts of a wedding ceremony has always been of great importance in assuring a joyful and elegant backdrop to the wedding.

Wedding ceremony music involves 4 types: prelude, processional, signing and recessional. Prelude music (about 15 minutes of music) is ambient music in other words your type of music that sets the mood while your guests are arriving and waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Next is the processional, which accompanies the entry of the flower girls, bride’s maids and the bride. Or, to add drama and highlight her entrance, the bride can enter to her own music.

Then, as the ‘Marriage License’ is being signed there is another special song, followed by the recessional music at ceremony’s end which is great when it is bright and lively and a reflection of the joy of the day.

Live music adds that touch elegance and ambiance.

My Sound System

My sound system is battery packed so no leads or power is required. A separate mic is available for vows or anyone reading or speaking during your ceremony.

Your music can be downloaded onto either CD or USB in MP3 format or we can use original CD’s. We suggest your prelude music is on a separate medium to your 3 special wedding songs.

My husband Ian works the sound system, allowing me to be totally in the moment with your ceremony. He meets ‘you’ the Bride at the car or from where you are walking in from and when both you and your photographer are ready, your ‘special’ piece of music will start before your first attendant makes her entrance, so she walks
into the music.

If there is music still playing once you are standing next to your Groom, it will be faded out as I come in over the top with the intro to your ceremony – ensuring both your music and your ceremony are ‘seamless’

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